HARO ProNamic

Wenge Favorit


  • Smart parquet floor for active individuals
  • Ideal for public facilities, fitness studios, sports clubs, private fitness rooms
  • Absorbs more than 50 percent of impact force
  • Provides effective protection for spine and joints
  • Intercepts falls to perfection and reduces the risk of injury
  • Absorbs sound really effectively
  • High level of slip resistance with sealed surfaces
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range
  • Available with a variety of surface finishes such as permaDur and naturaLin
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Haro - Flooring - Hamberger

Parquet Styles

  • Oak Trend
  • Beech Trend
  • African Oak
  • Merbau
  • Oak Exquisit Brushed
  • Oak Trend Brushed
  • Oak Terra Brushed
  • African Oak Trend Brushed
  • American Walnut Trend
  • Beech Favorit Brushed
  • Smoked Oak Favorit Brushed
  • Wenge Favorit
  • Oak Exclusiv Brushed
  • Oak Markant Brushed
  • Oak Sauvage Brushed
  • American Walnut Markant
  • American Walnut Universal
  • Beech Universal Brushed
  • Larch Universal Brushed

Parquet floor blended with absorbing qualities of a pedigree sports floor

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