HARO Tritty 200 Laminate

Oak Emilia Amber


Price reflects cost per 1 sq. ft.

  • Authentic appeal of nature with vivid wood styles
  • Easy install with Top Connect locking system
  • Unrivaled robust surfaces
  • Ideal for heavy wear layers like hallways and living rooms
  • Wood styles ranging from precious wood to trendy, light colors
  • Natural appeal enhanced by expressive surface textures




Haro - Flooring - Hamberger

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Top Connect Locking System

Technical Documentation

Surface textureauthentic soft
Surface finishes
Installation systemTop Connect
Insulation layer
Installation height / seriesTRITTY 200 Aqua
Warranty25 years
ID no.540241
Price €/sPrice on enquiry
Dimensions (H x W x L)8 x 193 x 1282 mm
Content/pack8 Pieces = 1,98 m² per pack
Package weight14,37 kg per pack (7,26 kg per m2 )


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